ok, so a while ago asked about an annoying feedback issue. even at low volumes, from a small 15 watt amp, to a half stack, the pickup will feedback, but not the regular feedback, its a lower tone and the pickup literally vibrates at this frequency. i asked how i can fix this... i was told to put foam around the pickup and that the pickup mounting ring is too tight around the pickup and just by sanding away the inside edges a little, that by increasing the gap between the pickup and the mounting ring will resolve this issue... well the issue is not resolved, i still get this feedback and its not normal, and i don't know what to do, please help.
i greatly appreciate it,
is it in the right way? i had one guy come to me wiith something that sounds similar, and his picup was in backwards... EMG's are finnicky pickups, you kinda have to just make em work with your gear alot
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yeah... its in the right way... but no this is not right, at half volume on a 15 watt amp it will start to vibrate. the only thing in mot so sure of is the wiring, could that do it?