At first i thought this was ridiculous, but now I'm actually considering this. It would be so cool to have a guitar you can draw on!

It is a Dry-Erase Board finish at

I have black hardware on a HSH guitar that is modeled after the classic Ibanez RG (basswood body), so my question is:

Would this even be a possibility? And if so, should i go with it? OR should i just stick with the polyurethane finish i was planning?

that would be the worlds coolest guitar.

im sticky-ing this
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+1 million to that. Also, while playing during a gig, if you remember what you forgot earlier on a trip to the grocery store, just jot it down behind the bridge.
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Hmm, yeah that was a worry of mine;

That the Whiteboard would get dirty like the ones at my school.

And also, acrtl1000s, like the grocery list idea. "I'd like eggs with my indie"
Maybe it's a different type of finish that's resistant to the solvent used in dry-erase markers? Idk.
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Use white paint, lots of lacquer, then a water-soluble marker so you can wipe it off with a wet cloth. It would be a bit daft to use a dry wipe marker, because it would all rub off during play.
I know there is also this black paint goop my work uses all the time that you can paint on stuff, and when it dries you can write on it like a blackboard with chalk. Either way, I don't know how practical this or your white board stuff would be.

Edit: just realized that is what the posted link was about...