I just got Guitar Rig 4 and I'm having a great time with it. I'm thinking of using it at a live gig next week and I'm having a bit of a hard time figuring out what goes where. I'll have GR running on my laptop, the guitar and amp plugged into the small GR mobile interface, and a lexicon MPX R1 foot controller to change patches and be a wah pedal. It's a fairly big band, with horns, so the stage will be crowded. So, if you use GR (or other similar setups that require a laptop) at live gigs, I'm wondering what works well for you.

Where do you put your laptop? On a table, some kind of stand, or ??? Is it near you at front of stage, or back near your amp? Do you need to see it, to confirm that program changes and control punches (distortion, etc.) have been correctly acted upon because the led's in the pedal won't tell the real story?

Alternatively, is there anybody out there who's found that having a laptop on stage is more of a nuisance than it's worth, and gone back to something simpler?

I'm thinking of keeping the mobile interface back near the amp. It needs to be within 15 feet of the laptop, to keep the usb cable short enough.

Also, what's the best way to organize Guitar Rig presets for a live performance, and for control by a pedalboard? I'm not clear on how program numbers (in a program change command) map to presets in GR. Is it different, depending on what shows in the bottom half of the preset browser? So, do I create a "preset attribute" corresponding to what I need for the gig, and assume that the numbers shown to the left of each preset in the lower browser pane correspond to the program change commands that I need to send? Or, is there some way to map specific program numbers to specific presets on a more permanent basis? I'm sure that I'll need fewer than 10 presets for a gig, so, I'd like to be able to just map one per pedalboard button. How do others manage this?

Thanks much for any help with this.
It may make more sense to buy a rack-mountable PC case and then custom build a PC.

I tried amplitude 3 and was very impressed by it. However, you wouldn't catch me dead bringing a laptop to a gig. Its only a matter of time before it gets stolen.

If I were to need to bring a PC, I would build one in a rack-mountable case. That way, it'll be much more difficult to walk off with.
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