Hello. My band, Shadowguard, is seeking a second guitarist to commence work on our original material. We have some dates coming up where we will be playing but we're just doing covers until we find our final member. We don't want to keep doing covers; we're just doing it till we have enough originals to fill set lists at which time we may throw a cover or two in for fun. We have skeletons of a few originals but like I said, we're holding up our forward progress so our final member can contribute to the writing and recording.

We are a 20's and 30's group an would like our last member to fit into that too. We have a female singer and she's great. The rest of us are guys. Currently have drums, bass, vocals, and guitar (me.) In need of a second guitar since all the stuff we write is for two guitars. You don't have to be a virtuoso. If you're just a rhythm guitarist that's fine. If you have lead skills, you can use them for sure. We plan to operate on a "you write it, you decide which part to play" system. If you can't write don't worry too much, we just want to offer you the chance if you're interested.

Our covers are by bands like Three Days Grace, Papa Roach, Flyleaf, Theory Of A Deadman, etc. We play in Drop C (CGCFAD) per my request, because it's my favorite tuning. I have modified the tabs to all of our covers, and have guitarpro files for them. Our originals will also be tabbed in guitarpro. As such, a guitarist who knows guitarpro would be great. Backup vocals also a huge plus.

We have rented, secure practice space in Scranton, PA. I play Ibanez and Jackson guitars, bass player plays Fenders. We have a nice PA system. My amp is a cheesy low-end Marshall 4x12 100w but I play it on the clean channel and shape the tone through a pedal board which results in a very nice sound with ample volume (Boss and Vox pedals.)

If interested, please message me. Thanks!
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We're in Scranton. We all live in the vicinity and our practice room is there, on Pittston Ave near Davis St.