Does anyone know a decent amp for playing metal, with a good tone, like petrucci's
but within the price of U$1000?

thank you
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Mesa/Boogie Mark III or IV.
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well you will have a time finding a Mark III and a IV is not in your budget. I recommend a 6505 or used 5150. Also, a Marshall JCM 900 can achieve a Petrucci like tone if you get the SL-x. Also, just the standard dual reverb 900s can get you close, but to get the great saturation of Petrucci I got mine modded by voodoo amps. Really great amp. Plus the 900's were supposedly Marshall's answer to the Dual Recs and you can find 900's for cheap.
used mesa single rec.

other than that
b-52 at-100
jca100 might get you there
peavey 3120
Gibson SG Special Faded(Super Distortion/PAF Pro)
Carvin V3M
Jet City JCA2112RC
Taylor 114e
Ibanez SR300e

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