Hey guys.
My friend recently wrote a song that I enjoyed.
And so I decided to do a short acoustic cover of it.

Note: I recorded this using my shi**y USB mic

It's a little under 40 seconds (it's basically a verse), so you can listen to it
without getting terribly bored

It's on my profile, entitled "Break (Cover)".
Any feedback would be appreciated, particularly comments on my vocals.
And C4C, as always.

Your light bulb knows everything you do in your room.
guitar playing was there but the vocals sounded like you were straining. pitch wise it wasnt horrible but the whole time it sounded like you were desperately forcing the last little bit of air out of your lungs. not horrible but if you work on your breathing, a little thing that will go a long way, it could be really REALLY good

I don't really know what to say :p I liked the effect on the guitar at the beginning, reminded me of Sparklehorse for some reason. I think you should work on your singing, as the guy above said it sounds like you're straining quite a bit. If you have the time, could you crit Poke on my profile please?