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Get posting.
PRS SE Torero


Had misread OP, good thing I posted the SE pic
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Read the OP. Please edit your post to include a picture.

EDIT: Thanks mate.

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lol holy cow, ur avatar is literally a holy cow hahaaa

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Quote by guitaruboy
all these pointy metal guitars are just starting to look the same

thats electric guitars for ya. lol what did you expect?

hell yeahh
Quote by n00b21197
thats electric guitars for ya. lol what did you expect?

hell yeahh

thats ugly as shit lol
ESP Horizon III. Why they don't properly release these outside of Japan, I don't know.

Strat/Thinline hybrid. May be the best hybrid guitar I've ever seen.

Gibson SG Goddess, specifically in Sky Burst. People probably get sick of me posting this one but sod it, that Sky Burst finish is just stupidly beautiful and Leona is the coolest lady to ever wield a six-string.

Warmoth black burst Strat. If you know what you're doing, Warmoth builds look better than anything any other company makes.

Another I always post, and another Warmoth.

Finally, the Mayones Regius. First up is their best finish, Trans Emerald Green Gloss:

And second is the Regius 7, which I hope to have in my possession by the end of the year in the above finish if my Gibson ever finally sells:

Yes, I know everything. No, I can't play worth a damn.
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EDIT: irresponsible post. sorry.

7 String+ ERG Legion!!

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Lág Roxanne 3000

Fender Japan STR-160RS (Richie Sambora Signature Black Paisley Stratocaster)


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Travis Migue's ESP in gold its awesome to be honest..

Then a PRS CE 22 frets i think it is.. l
2009 Ibanez Prestige RG1520A

it will be mine soon ^^
Orange Enthousiast.

PRS dragon twin neck very nice.
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SX Acoustic
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Gretsch White Falcon

You, sir have good tastes.


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Kinda hard to see, but Jeff's Tele defines guitar aesthetics imo.
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Jackson RR5..... It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine

+The World.

Gibson LP Traditional Pro.....

ESP Diamond Plate EX.....

Epi LP EX.....

Jackson Demmelition King V....

Hmmm, I potentially might get a Custom 24 in a year, what color should I get? My LTD EC-1000 is red.

Sapphire Smokeburst

Fire Red Burst

Smoked Black Slate

any other suggestions ??

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Zvex Fuzz Factory
Motorave McQueen

Maton BB 1200 JH

Gibson SG supreme

These should be enough to today .

Of course, probably none of these will ever be mine ^^.
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Driskill Diablo
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fretz is absolutely right.
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Quote by JDbbx
^^ as nice as that is I think a full size photo is a bit over the top :P

But... it's just so beautiful :p

Here's another one I drool over on a regular basis:

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