I am completely new to recording and i dont even know how to record. :P

So can someone tell me how..

I know recording with a mic is an option.. But will it have good quality?

Thanks in advance.
what's your budget? what are you wanting to record? acoustic? electric? vocals? drums? keys? strings? brass? woodwinds?
Just want to make a basic recording UG... Nothin pro. :P
electric and acoustic.
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you pretty much need a good mic or two to record acoustic guitar. I've never recorded acoustic guitar, but I would think an SM57 would do the job fine. So you're going to need an audio interface with a couple mic preamps and then you can use the same interface to record DI with electric guitar (just plugging straight into the interface into the computer) and then use a VST amp sim.
i would save an sm57 for electric guitars and snare drums. for acoustic (and vocals), a condenser will be the way to go. actually, two condensers is the best way to go, but if you dont have the money, just one will do. just make sure whatever interface you get has phantom power (48v).
dont even bother with a mic for recording your guitars....use a digital guitar processor or hook your amp to an audio interface

using a mic is a viable option but if you are trying to do the cheapest thing possible get an audio interface
Thanks guys,
I guess i am gettin an audio interface.

I cant go too expensive. :P

Anyways thanks to all.