Alright I'm looking at a new half stack and I'm starting with the head. I've looked at a couple different brands and I think I'm set on the 6505 or the 6505+. I kinda want the + over the regular but I got some questions. These questions can truly only be answered by people that already have them I guess.

For starters, I read the manual and at one point they say that "due to the high gain capabilities, it's imperative that you use a premium shielded instrument cable." Now for all you that have one, is that really true? I use Live-Wires and I know those aren't the top of the line but they're still great so would those work or do I need to buy some Monsters?

Next, I've heard some people say that the 6505+'s are known to have problems. Is that true or did those people just get unlucky?

Also, is this thing loud? I currently have an Ibanez 150watt half stack and it's pretty loud! My only beef with it is that it gets really distorted at high volumes and you can't make out much. So it the 6505+ better at this?

Last but not least, is the 6505+ worth it over the 6505 regular? Or could I just as easily stick with the 6505 regular and get just as much bang for my buck? I saw that there's only a 6505+ Half stack available but I could easily buy everything separate if I got the 6505 regular.

Sorry for the long post!
1. No, but it never hurts to use a good cable.

2. Depends which 6505 you're talking about. If you're talking about the Made in America heads or 6505 combo, then they don't have many (if any) problems that I know of. If you're talking about the 6505+ 112, they're made in China, and the only problems that may have been had would've been from the first run of them.

Generally, all of Peavey's stuff is built to last, no matter where it was made.

3. Louder than hell. The 6505 is a middy amp in general, so you should have no trouble cutting through a mix.

4. Depends what you want; the 6505+ is slightly more smooth than the 6505 and has slightly less gain (still way more than you'll ever need, though) and is said to have better cleans, as well as equalization for both channels. The 6505 is said to sound more 'raw' and 'in your face', and has worse cleans, and it has an EQ shared by both channels.

Also, don't bother with the 6505+ half stack, the Peavey cabinets are less-than-savory. You'd be better off with a Mesa, Avatar, Orange or even a Marshall cab.
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For my buck the 6505 is better......I have played them side by side many times and the plain old 6505 (5150) always wins
The difference in cable is if you use a crappy cable you'll hear noise every time you bump, kick, or move the cable. Whereas with a good shielded one you won't have that problem.

The amp is loud as hell, far louder than you should ever have to crank it.

I'm a fan of the 6505+ because it really is a smoother sounding amp than the other. But I think it depends on the sound that you want to have, not what everyone says is better. You need to play each amp to decide which one has the sound that you like better.
Aight thanks soo much guys that really helped!