Hey guys, I have a Shecter C-1 plus that's great for metal, but I'm looking for a second guitar for dropped tunings so that I don't have to tune back and forth. Both the Ibanez and the Damien are around $200 used, which i think is a good price. Which guitar is more suited for metal? Which guitar would you suggest? They're both equipped with stock pups. The ibanez has ibanez branded pups while i believe the schecter has EMG passives. All help is appreciated!
I have an Ibanez RG4exfm1, basically the same thing but with an Edge III Tremolo and Infinity pickups, I love the guitar but the Edge III tremolo makes me so ANGRY. I don't think the 3exfm1 has it, if it does, definitely avoid it! It sucks for when you want to go to those heavy drop tunings! In terms of how it feels and how it sounds, Ibanez is pretty amazing for metal though, if you can get past all the problems with the Edge III (imo)
go the schecter. i hav 1 and it will handle drop tunings very well, as long as u put some thicker strings on it. Im assuming ur talking about the Tune-o-Matic bridge model?
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Well since you have a c-1,I would say damien cause there real close in comparison.The schecter has better pup's and the chunky neck schecter is known for some like it others don't,I take it you like it with the C-1.Ibanez make great guitars,but necks are to thin and stock inf pup's are not so good IMO but other than that there great guitars.I would go with Schecter.
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ive got a schecter, my opinion is that its a really good guitar for metal, would of been better if it came with emgs 81 85 but the passive are still good, use ernie ball beefy slinky they are really good for drop C