Last Friday I got my pay-check for my summer-job and decided to put some of it into my guitar gear, more specifically on my pickups as I have heard that changing them creates quite a drastic change in sound and someone stated (in another thread) that the PRS SE Custom is a really good guitar for it's price, especially if you change pickups or something like that.
The problem is that I don't know anything at all about pickups so it now lies in your hands to suggest me some pickups that will give my tone that extra spice that it needs .
I mostly play blues and rock, but I really would like the pickups to be versatile because I occasionally enjoy playing almost every style so it would be bad if they totally sucked at something, but blues and rock is my main genres.
Also, which pickup would be better to replace for these genres (the PRS has two humbuckers) or would it be best to replace both (remember, I'm a total newbie at this stuff)? I mostly play with my pickup selector in neck position or in the middle and only sometimes the bridge, so a neck pickup would be best?
My gear is the following:
Guitar: PRS SE Custom 22 http://www.prsguitars.com/secustom/specs.html
Amp: Blackstar HT-5 http://www.dawsons.co.uk/acatalog/blackstar_ht-5_mini_stack.html
Pedals: T-REX Reverb pedal http://t-rex-effects.com/Default.aspx?ID=2&ProductID=PROD177&VariantID

Thankful for answers
You'll Never Walk Alone!
Check out some GFS pickups, I haven't tried them myself but i hear they get good reviews....
For blues and rock, even jazz, I have DiMarzios (PAF Joe and Evolution) in one of my electrics, and its pretty muck my most versatile guitar.

If you just want to replace one, for blues, it depends what kind of blues.
If its a Johnny B Goode or Bad to the Bone type blues, replace the bridge since you would need that treble sound.
If its a more BB King, Eric Clapton, Santana sound you're after change the neck pickup cause it has a much warmer sound.
Try upgrading your hardware and wiring........Or get an EQ pedal. Works wonders.

Hope this helped
The EQ pedal is probably the easist solution to different tone.... you can try it out!

MXR have an awesome 10-band EQ that lets you adjust everything...basically.
Blues and rock is a huge range of sounds. When I change pickups I typically do both at a time unless I just happen to be in love with one of them and don't want to replace it. Keep in mind that they can get expensive, I've dropped over $300 on a set, and you have to consider whether or not it would be worth it for you to spend so much unless you have something particular that you are looking for. I have Wolfetone Dr. Vintages in my Les Paul right now and I'm generally pretty happy with how they sound for blues and rock. They are good if you are into that early Clapton sound or Page sound, but some people might find them a little bit too bright and thin.

But really, the question is what do you not like about your current pickups? It's never a given that you change your pickups, they can get expensive and its easy to fall into traps when buying them. There is a lot of voodoo out there about a lot of pickups, but you just need to make sure that what you are getting is right for your application. A lot of pickups can be used for blues and rock, but you're not going to like how all of them sound. A Duncan JB sounds significantly different from a Duncan Seth Lover, but both are good for blues and rock.