I posted this once a fair while back (before UG surreptitiously decided to ban me for 45 days), but I've made some modifications, given it another of my "small villages in Bulgaria" titles (to go with Osina and some others I'm working on).

I'm really hoping for some critiquing, areas that don't quite follow or flow as well as the others. Some of the weird time sig stuff (particularly the Queridos? 13/8 section from measure 42) I wouldn't change for the world, but there are places I'm STILL not 100% on, namely the Chuggle section at 62, which is more there to necessitate the fill into Arusha's On Fire at 70. If there were a more interesting and less metal beatdown way into that, I'd take it in a second.

Some varied influences / inspirations for this piece: Dance Gavin Dance, Funeral For A Friend, SiKth, The Arusha Accord, Alexisonfire, Tosin Abasi, Hiromi Uehara, Closure In Moscow, Thrice.
I loved almost every part of it, especially the flouxetine parts and the Every time I die styled riffs.

Oh and the Outro/Fade Out was just overwhelming, extremely layered but coherent writing.

Only thing I disliked in particular were the solo section in Thoroughly Exploding that Add Guitar A is playing, the fast run you start with should only be played once imho, and after that you could keep playing those 16th notes with some slides in between the notes to mix things up.

Overall great work, this coming from a guy who has practically the same taste in music as the influences you summed up ( Hirome / BTBAM / AAL / SiKth / Arusha Accord/..).
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first it's a really good beginning. Groovy and with a lot of good melody. Great.
Then the really fast arpegios. Ok, it flows well but I'm not a huge fan of these.
I find the next theme "sunny". Ok. Still there's something strange at bar 29. A mistake or is it voluntary?
Roses (Half-Dozen) continues the wave. Til' here nothing really to crit. It's just a long and good intro. Don't misunderstand me long is a good thing!

Trillions create a suspense. Well done.
Then the groovy riff. Brilliant. Still I find the lead (bar.44-47) a bit too-much. But maybe it was necesssary for the return to the first theme, which is enough complex to allow this repetition without being boring.

Chuggle is a bit weird because it's very complex but it's still not a bad crit.
Next sounds like a protest the Hero theme.
Now Rosen come "again". Then a crit : I don't like the first 3 notes from Main lead at bar.80.

The next two part sounds really good, but maybe very hard to play, no?

Are the three "tempo change" (89, 88 then 87!) at bar.110-111 really necessery?
The note at bar 114 is fantastic.
Bind his feet is your best riff.
At Preare his mind, I don't like the keyboard. I find that the calliope lead isn't a good choice. Maybe it's just me... But this is the only theme I didn't really like. Nevertheless, I understand its function.

Great solo at Shotgun shell.
Then big riff, ok it's good.
The end is epic with some good change which make it interesting. But nearly too much lead there...
And the fade out. Ok, it's a choice woth another.

So what's good here, what's not:
+ mindblowing
+ very good transition
+ most of the lead are really well composed

+/- a concept (+) I didn't really understand (-)

- maybe just too much all the time. It's a bit exhausting to hear.

? Technically possible?

ok 9/10 It was a pleasure to listen to!
Hey thanks for those. I don't really get what's wrong with bar 29, which instrument did you find the mistake in?

Into Exploding is playable, it's actually fairly easy compared to some of the other stuff, just need good muting control with your right hand to stop the ringing dead after each sweep upward.

The three tempo changes are just to make those few BPM lost seem a little more natural, so your ear doesn't even notice there's been a slight tempo drop

The synth during Prepare His Mind is something I've not given as much time to as other parts, and when I do come to record this, it'll get some more attention, I promise Any ideas for what else to put in there?

I appreciate the comments, for sure!
Guitar Pro does do some weird stuff with pulls over bars. Alas, it's a burden we're all stuck with, using GP since there's no better alternative.
First off this must of taken ages to write!
We need more writers like you on UG!

It was very well structured although it some areas 13/8 bit and the intro it kind of lost the rhythm i thought and the third repeat i think it was on the intro was to much i would stick with doing it twice.

I personally found there was to much going on although it sounds good (you might not agree, im personally not into this style of music lol well i am but i find this to medolic!)

as the "grooaarrhh" said its a very well written piece but to much is happening i find

I also thought it dragged on for a little to long

but overall 9/10 purely because it dragged on and i thought to much was going on but still good
No choice but to .zip I'm afraid, since UG store these uploaded files on floppy disks and don't let us exceed 100 KB
Very well written. My only problem at first was that rather than sounding like one cohesive song, it sounded like a lot of seperate ideas put together. Though that probably had something to do with you labeling each section. But as a whole this is really really nice. Loved the layering at the end, its well thought out. All in all, great .
This is awesome !
My favorite part is Bring the Nexter, And Land Him. I really like the harmonies there.
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