I've been playing guitar for a bit now. I don't have an acoustic but I definitely want to pick one up. I know prices can get insane for some acoustics. Are there any really great acoustic guitars in the $300-500 range? Thanks
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I would recommend some Washburn Hollowbody guitar. I have a Washburn Hollowbody J-3 (which looks like this http://www.audiolinks.com/tek9/images/products/01451.jpg) and it cost something like... 450€. Cheap and a really good guitar.
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I would go for any Yamaha guitar, they're great for the price. Good value guitars. Look for something in the APX or FX series.
You should be able to get a decent instrument for that much money. My little Yamaha APX-500 was only 300 bucks, and I looked at half a dozen in that price range that were all solid, playable instruments.
Go to one of the big music stores in your area (if you have one) and see what's available.
Play 'em. Take a friend along too; sometimes a guitar sounds noticeably different to the guy playing it as opposed to someone listening.