Hey dudes

This is a work in progress, and it was made quite a while ago, but I hope you like it!

(oh and I still need to think of a good chorus )

To stop you from falling,
I spread my wings,
Carrying you to Heaven
to safety.

As I have grown old,
My wings have grown
I save you from the
frozen wastes,
and the frozen souls
That dwell with it.

And now that the cold
has passed,
No one lies beneath
the autumn leaves,
But its okay,
I've got you.

And as we crash down
feet touching the ground,
you walk away.
You leave me standing,
standing to waste.

You used me like a puppet,
dancing for you.
Dancing to keep our
souls intwined,
But its okay,
i've moved on.

Hope you liked it

There is no revenge so complete as forgiveness
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i thought this was well done, you didn't use complex metaphors and ideas to get your point across and it gave it a very down to earth feel, i liked that. i also enjoy the title, cheers mate!
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