Hellow every one, I'm ashik, Im totally new in here. Recently i decided to buy a electric guitar at cheap price(around $300). But i could not decide which one will suite for me. I usually like to listen metallica,iron maiden,pantera. but i also like cob, lamb of god like band. so a guitar that can suite all kind of songs(rock, metal, heavy metal etc).can you please help me about this. does esps Ltd ec-50 will good?. i need some advice.
the ec 50 is very much a beginner guitar. I have one, and it did the job for a couple years, but I would suggest looking for something a step up, and look for something used. (craigslist...) You'll find some good deals on there that will be so much better quality than the ec50.
What ^ said, there are really good guitar on craigslist (depends where you live), for really good prices! Don't buy the EC50! I personally don't like LTD, but thats just me.. You can also go to your local music store and look at the used guitars, i found a Jackson RR3 for 240$, they are about 600 new or so.

But if you do want a new guitar, look at Schecters, Ibanez, or Epiphone.
After a long time i finally bought a Ibanez gutar.(ibanez mtm2 made in japan). Not brand new 2nd hand but still looks like brand new(worth 300$). I really like this guitar. Fret board is really awsom. Nd playing good riff is really easy. Thanks to every one who give me there important suggestion.