First, a little info:

I use a POD-XT to record my electrics and I love it.
A DR-880 supplies my drums n bass.
Everything goes into Tracktion 3 via a Mackie Onyx Satellite.
This setup works great for recording metal, sounds very professional.

I have a song or two that demand acoustic guitar, but I lack quality microphones. I tried to record direct with the piezo pickup, but it sounds godawful! Nothing like the acoustics I hear on my favorite records.

Anyone on here know how to use the podxt to make the piezo acoustic sound decent?
I can't really get any help from google or some of the forums I'm on.....


Also, any tips on how to make my overall recording louder. I get good tones, but I can't seem to get things LOUD. Tracktion only allows me to turn things up to a certain level, and I dont want to record any hotter than I already am, as clarity is paramount....
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Borrow a mic. There is nothing, really, that you can do to make an acoustic pickup sound good in a recording where the guitar is anything more than a buried texture within the mix.

You get your final recording louder by adding compression and limiting on the master bus.

Another thing that is misunderstood is this: In the old days, when recording to tape, or to even 16-bit digital, you wanted to hit the recorder pretty hard and get a good strong signal. In 24-bit recording, that doesn't matter anymore.

Proof.... take a hot signal and record it through your recorder at 24 bit at unity gain. That is, the output level = the input level. Your inputs should show your meters receiving a signal between -20 and -12dbfs.

In other words, the -12 to -20db is the new 0db. Back where you wanted to be close to 0db, you get the same relative strength at much lower levels. In fact, exceeding those levels makes you much more likely to start experiencing distortion, even though your meters aren't showing it,

I've recorded signals that have been ridiculously low - like around -30db peaks - and the end result is perfectly usable. With 24 bits, your noise floor is SO much lower that you can simply turn it up without having to worry about noise like you would in analog or 16-bit audio.

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I'll definitely look into the compression/limiter thing. I haven't mastered anything yet, I just get things sounding good in tracktion and then export to wav.
Thanks a lot man.

and, I definitely noticed a HUGE improvement in sound quality when I went from 16-bit/44.1khz to 24-bit/96khz.