Im thinking of getting one, and luckily i've found a good deal for a used one for 500 bucks, it has EMG's though 81 bridge 85 neck. I've always liked sg's but this one is the gothic version. How much was the guitar worth originally new, how does it play compared to the sg standard? and any specs if you guys can find. if anyone knows i'll greatly appreciate it.
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$500? I would go for it, thats a great price for a used Gibson.
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Can't you just google the fucker yourself?

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I'm pretty sure they listed for $900 new. So yeah, I would go for it.
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Yeah, if you wanna go with gibson you can get dat ting.

But Agiles in that price area are also fingerlicking good.
I'm glad that pretty much every thread that asks for some input on buying a new guitar at least one person will mention agile. Hopefully rondomusic doesn't realize what gold their selling and jack up their prices.