it says here you can use these in place of 6L6s, and/or... EL34s. Does it mean that one can use EL34s in the place of 6L6s? obviously youd have to re-bias and you probably shouldnt mix tube types, but its possible, right? example... peavey valveking uses 6L6GCs... so could i put EL34s in it? an example that says i could in fact do this is my godfathers Genz-Benz el diablo... it has switchable bias for EL34s and 6L6s, but no empty sockets... so i could find a bias-selector switch and have an amp similar to a genz-benz...

sorry about the essay, and thanks in advance
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You wouldn't need empty sockets, you just switch the power tubes.

i know, i was more referring to the pin configuration, so you indirectly answered my question
the valveking is a self biasing amp so i don`t think there`s any biasing to be done once the yellow jackets are installed considered doing this to my VK a while back but then i got some jj 6l6gc`s and was more than happy with the result, a million times better than the stock ruby tubes.