i'm currently recording using Cubase and i've noticed a problem i can't seem to get my head around.

The guitars are recorded as loud as possible with no clip and so is the bass. But when it comes to using my Superior Drummer VST plugin for drums, Cubase picks it up as loud and shows clipping, even though it's a fraction of the volume of the rest of the tracks.

So to resolve this i've tried quietening the other tracks but the finished product is too quiet :S.

Any help will be much appreciated .
Use a limiter? I'm not sure I completely understand the situation though. Is the master volume clipping or are the guitars and bass clipping when you add drums? If it's the former, I think a limiter or compression may work, but if it's the other one, I don't know there's much you can do. The only thing I would say is to bring all the tracks to where they're not clipping, compress them and then bring up the master volume to a suitable level.
as a piece of starter advice i usualy turn everything down then bring up the kick until i get a -10 or so on the readout, then bring up the bass to an equivalent level, then bring up the rest of the drums to a good level THEN bring up the guitars around that, finally i bring everything up incrementally in equal levels (between 0.5 and 1 db per track depending on the headroom) until i get close to zero (usually between -0.8 and -0.3). if its not loud enough then fix that later in the final stages with compression and limiting if needed. making it louder is the mastering stage really.
it's the main volume that's clipping. The guitars and bass are fine. i've tried z4twenny's method it seems to work well. i think i just need to play round with it a bit more.

Edit: aha! it was the compressor i needed to play around with. Thanks Alot!
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