Seems like a good price
And I like the variation like the contour and stuff
Which is what I've been looking for
What's your opinions/suggestions
for the moment I love mine.

Eventually I will upgrade, but the tone of the default wah mode is very versatile and sounds great for funk. The contour/level mode is a little unbalanced and harsh, but I found the level setting useful in conjunction with the right contour for a nice filter sweep.

Bypass works good actually, I mean your obviously gonna hear a bit of a tone difference when turning it off while sustaining a note though.
I like mine well enough, I mostly wanted it for the switchless operation. Don't really notice too much of a problem with the bypass. And yeah, the lever and contour knobs are convenient.
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i have it its amazing and you should get one too! easy to use, versatile, solid construction etc. im like spoiled now tho, whether you consider this a bad thing or a good thing idk lol but itd be kind of hard to adjust to a regular switch wah, this is my first wah so i feel like itd be annoying to switch.
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