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My family is having a party in an hour and I'm trying to make a good party playlist with good rap music.

So far I have:
Hypnotize- Biggie
Juicy- Biggie
Empire State of Mind- Jay Z
Love the Way You Lie- Eminem
Too Heavy for Cherubs- Cage
99 Problems- Jay Z

and some Blakroc. I need more music like this, any suggestions?
Plan B. Now. Unless they are easily offended. Then no.

EDIT: Unless its More Is Enough, thats a tune, and a fairly good party song.
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Relapse was a good album......

all other rap sucks you need to listen to brutalz musik like raping 3 dead ****** babies and stuff like that
Anything on Deltron 3030, Aesop Rock kicks ass, Outkast. Kanye West's Late Registration. That's all I have to say about dat.
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You can't spell crap without rap.
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Coolio, NWA, Public Enemy, Body Count...

The main reason I don't like rap myself is because all of them sell out and become big movie/tv stars, and its just ridiculous to listen to. Its too much to listen to NWA knowing Ice Cube is what he is, too much to listen to Public Enemy knowing Flava Flav is what he is, too much to listen to Ice T, knowing that he used to HATE cops, but now IS a cop on tv
Dmx-Bring your whole crew

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You can't spell crap without rap.

You're the minority on this forum.
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Mos Def is pretty sick, the Black Star album is awesome. Also the Roots are awesome as well.
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just put some early Run DMC and Beastie Boys

thats the best rap forms in my opinion, more energetic, less ignorant and nonsensical like todays rap not to mention more original

My first thought, as well.

There are forms beyond the stereotypical "gangsta rap", but I love me some Run DMC.
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You can't spell crap without rap.

I don't get what people seek to prove by this. You can't spell my name (Daniel) without "nailed", but that doesn't make me Jesus.
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Are you sure?

Well actually, a few people have hinted...

The UG Awards exist only to instill me with existential doubt.

For me, the 60's ended that day in 1978...

Willies. Fuck the lick and fuck you too.
Eminem, Jay-Z, Nas, T.I.


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Aesop Rock- Daylight that CD is amazing, actually I enjoy the entire catalog if his songs.
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Wait what?

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The only rap song I like [and yes I did try to give rap a go. Yes, even the slightly better underground stuff.] is Aisle Ten by Scapegoat Wax. And even then that is just acoustic with hip hop beats and very white rap.
...In my opinion.
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Purexed by P.O.S.

Anything by P.O.S. really. Doomtree too. Maybe not the best party music, but it's still damn good rap.
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Wow, what a terrible thread.

You need to download the following and put them on shuffle.

Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) - Wu-Tang Clan
Ready to Die - Notorious BIG
Life After Death - Notorious BIG
Greatest Hits - NWA
Method Man and Redman - Blackout! 2
The College Dropout - Kanye West
Graduation - Kanye West
LAX - The Game
The Chronic - Dr. Dre
Be - Common
Like Water for Chocolate - Common
Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty - Big Boi
Stankonia - Outkast
Aquemini - Outkast
Doggystyle - Snoop Dogg
Rhythm and Gangsta - Snoop Dogg
King - TI
Kush and Orange Juice - Wiz Khalifa

And then everybody likes the singles like It Was a Good Day, Ignition (Remix), Gucci Mane bullshit, etc.
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bro you'd best get some tech n9ne on that list, karibou lou, in my head, and groupie are some good songs. imma tell is ok too i geuss

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Or velociraptor...

oi! the **** mate? ...oh veliciraptor

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stroke the furry walls.
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i am shocked and appalled that this has yet to be mentioned.
i'd also suggest;
Immortal Technique,
Mos Deaf,
Wu-Tang (obviously)
Ghost Face Killah,
Professor Green,
Del the funky homosapien,
Grandmaster Flash,
MF Doom,
Flying Lotus (Hip hop DJ there is no rapping involved but excellent beats)
The Streets (early stuff)
Public Enemy,
The Pharcyde
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