I've really been getting into slide stuff lately, and I've wanted a resonator for ages, so with my birthday coming up it's the perfect excuse to get one.

But where from? All I can really find are some cheap Ozarks and the odd Epiphone Dobro.

What I'd really like is this if anyone happens to know where I can get one:

My only requirements are it NEEDS to be a round neck and wood body. A pickup would be good too .F holes (instead of the little tea strainer things) and a slotted headstock would be nice, but they're not deal breakers.

So is there anywhere/anything I should be looking at in particular?

I've not really thought about a budget, but something around £800? Maybe a little more? So I want something pretty decent...
Musicroom (www.musicroom.com) do Fender resonators, I've seen the FR-50 there and heard good things about it, spruce and mahogany body, f-holes (in the shape of the F in the fender logo) and a chrome resonator, only £300. Not sure if it's got a pickup, but a piezoelectric pickup is quite cheap, easy to install, and captures the resonator sound a lot better than magnetic pickups, which I think is what most electro-acoustic resonators have as standard.
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