Hey guy,

after much consideration, i decided to invest in a delay pedal mainly because my favorite guitarists, Tom morello, Slash, hendrix etc use them.

iv no idea about this type of pedal, so any help wud be beneficial! i just fink it sounds ace!

cheers gibo
Digital delay gives you more options and a cleaner sound, analog is more for vintage tones, although that's more of a general guideline and not set rules.
As for what to look for, EHX makes great delays, the MXR Carbon Copy is pretty sweet, and for Boss makes a great digital delay. that should be a good place to start.
i prefer analogue in general. although, there have been ocasions where they just wont due. a lot of modern bands are turning to digital for the longer delay times. analogue are generally up to 350-600 ms of delay, while some digital ones can go for 5+ seconds. it all depends on what you're looking for.

the analogue will break up in sound as it goes on, and sounds darker on long delay settings. digital ones remain clear and consistent all the way through. and its for this very reason why i love analogue. i love that sound that the analogue ones give.