My fencepost build makes a buzzing sound that sounds like an earthing problem. The buzz becomes more audible the more I turn up my amp. Its not bad at bedroom volumes but at band volumes its way too audible. When I touch the pot adjustment screws the noise becomes less audible.

Its definitely the guitar because my other guitar does not make this noise.

I have two Seymore Duncan humbuckers wired with a 3 way switch, 2 tone and 2 volume knobs. The cavity is completely shielded with relatively thick conductive coppery/bronzey metal. I even soldered the shielding together so that when the cover is closed it would be a challenge for water to sneak into that cavity let alone noise. The pots and switch are grounded together with wire and are grounded with the shielding. I have checked it with a multi-meter. I have a really good quality jack that is also grounded both to the pots, switch and cavity shielding.

What could possibly be causing the buzzing? I can't figure it out.
is there a ground coming from ur bridge or going to the bridge cus on a guitar with passive pick ups u are the ground thats y u touch a pot and it goes away cus ur grounding it
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Generally, you drill a hole from where the bridge is to the cavity, and ground that way.
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Yeah, you can ground it to one of the studs on the TOM.
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You should also only give one path for the ground signal to get to the jack to reduce the possibility of different potentials developing, creating ground loops.
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yeah, grounding the bridge will help loads. Also, like mike said, do star grounding, pick one point and ground everything to that, whether it be the back of a pot or the sleeve of the jack.