I plan to buy a BBE Supa Charger to power my ideal pedal set-up (see signature). There is a problem though. 9 items with only 8 outputs (I'll run the RC-50 off a seperate adaptor). I know the Supa Charger has isolated outputs so I will be able to daisy chain pedals together, but I just need to know which pedals to daisy chain (so basically, which ones ***** least power).

Any help is greatly appreciated. Really.

EDIT: On second thought I'm deciding against the EHX bass and treble boosters now, so the question is, which two pedals should I daisy chain?
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it won't matter much. i'd do the ns2 and dd3.

or anything and the phase 90.
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Current draw is a factor, but I'd be careful of pedals that will pick up noise more easily. The Devi Ever probably gets noisy with power interference, whereas the phase, flange, and noise gate should not. I'd chain two or three out of those.
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Flanger and phaser.

You will likely never use these two together, pretty good option IMO
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