I didn't like the note selection on the guitars (or the jack-hammer drums) for the first 18 seconds, but after that, I think it all sounds very good! The guitar & bass playing is tight! Assuming you're playing real electric bass, are you using a pick or just fingers? I'm gonna guess you used toontrack drums? Most of the drums sound good to me. Please review my music at this link:

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Good stuff, I always check you out on here anyway, so I guess it doesn't even matter. This song had it's pirate moments. The rhythm riff around 0:50 is pretty great, I dig it, it has this jagged feel to it. The leads are all great, they sound written, are they? You don't come by written solos around these parts too much. Those bends on those high notes and runs around 2:30 somethin are great! its such a great finale. Great song bro.

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Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback! I checked out your stuff and left crits too.

Aaron- The bass was done with broomstick bass, just a VST plugin. I believe the samples are from a fender bass played with fingers. You're right on about the drums, I used the drumkit from hell expansion for ezdrummer.

Sami- On my newer stuff I've been writing everything in guitar pro first before I record, it helps me a lot to organize the tracks, and it really helps me with the solos. Also added you on youtube!
Just listening through:

Like stated above not too fan of the drums in the intro.

Followed by a catchy melody with some nice riffing in the backgrond.

Like the solo before some more riffing and melody.

Love the riffing, simple but deadly triplets.

After the stop when you dvelve into more soloing I like that you hold the notes between the fast runs, makes it sink in for a bit.

Overall a really nice instrumental with some good soloing, tight riffing and catchy melodies. Good job =D

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I really like that piece. I thought it was really catchy and those rhythms were really tight. I thought the soloing was really tasteful and fit the song really well. Nice job!