I'm interested in buying a used Fender VG Strat but I'm not sure if its better just to get an American Standard. Any advice on the sound or experiences with it?
ok, sorry to be harsh if this comes across that way.

but would you really want a strat with basically a bunch of boss pedals shoved up it's ass?
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Thats where I need guidance, so to speak. My main guitar is a Gibson SG Std. and I love to have access to different sounds though I did play a Clapton Strat and loved it so I just didn't want to pass anything up...but my guess is that the VG isn't that great?
The problem with the VG Strat is the different emulations don't sound like the actual thing. It has a very processed tone. Frankly, an Am Standard Strat with a Morpheus DropTune pedal will do all the same things the VG Strat will, but the regular Strat tone will sound much more natural at least.
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