i want to become a really good musician..
but i'm just playing random stuff all day, i don't really know what to do
and i have a hard time learning songs because i don't have the feeling i'm actually improving.
and i don't have lessons anymore this summer, and all i have is a book of sheet music. should i learn all the songs in that book? would it improve my skills or what?
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Just practice songs, the more songs you learn, the better you get, its almost subconscious learning. Just continue to play progressively harder songs, and you will notice improvement. (Tip: Dont look for improvement until after a week or two, or you may get discouraged.)

Also, some songs that require techniques like sweep picking will require a different method, you need a lot of sweep picking practice to play most songs with sweeps, as they are usually moderately difficult.
just try some new forms of playing like sweeping tapping fringerpicking e.c.t and def learn new songs, its always good to have a wide songs vocabulary.
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I would practice some guitar gradings.
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Go onto this site http://tomhess.net/ and check some stuff out. I can vouge for the free stuff you can come across here.

It covers what you need to know for quite some time