hey guys

first an apology cause the pics arent that great and ive put them in thumbnail form because they are quite large.

whilst strictly i didnt get this guitar today (two weeks ago today to be precise) ive had some time to use it so i can compile a review of sorts

anyway ill start with a pic and a quick summary

Rg shape
inverted headstock
fixed edge 3 bridge
locking nut
active pickups
wizard neck
jumbo frets
rosewood fretboard
no inlays
25.5" scale

i bought this second hand of a fella in manchester for a good price, its practically brand new and there isnt a mark on it.

here it is with my other one which I've had about 8-9 months

now firstly im going to mention that although they are the same model of guitar there are several differences between them. firstly although they are both mahogany the white one feels heavier, not much and it doesn't affect playing but noticeably so however im just going to put this down to it being a denser piece of wood.
the second point is that although they both have wizard necks the white feels rounder than the comparatively flat neck of the older version.

they both have rosewood fretboards but I have been quite fortunate with both of them having quite a nice dark finish

(this is the best picture i could get)

the newer model features duncan designed actives which i can only assume are imitation blackouts and of course has the back routed for a battery.

this differs from the old model that from the old model which had stock passives thus no battery cavity

(as you can see, no battery cavity)

more on the pick-ups. firstly this is my perspective as a metal/hard rock guitarist so it might not seem relevent to everyone

with the black one I replaced the bridge pickup with a rockmonkey SOB (seen here http://www.rockmonkeyguitars.com/sob.htm) recommended to me by a nice fella from this forum (i think his name was John, cant remember his username). its a very nice pickup, very high output, tight and chunky and it copes very well with detuning, I currently have the guitar in drob Bb and it sounds great, its not muddy and its well defined.
The original v8 just wasnt really suited to metal, it lacked the output, it was much more mellow and well it was just your average ibanez stock pickup really .

as for the newer model the duncan designed actives suffer from a similar problem, although they seem more suited to hard rock/metal than the V7/V8 combo they still aren't particularly great and in comparison to the SoB they sound pretty loose and empty, its my intention to replace at least the bridge pickup relatively soon, most probably a Blackout of some description.

anyway back onto the guitar

it has a painted neck which may not suit some people but i personally love it

i cant really think of anything else to say, im very happy with it and seeing as i got it for £300 theres nothing i could complain about really, if youve got any questions shoot, and if you need any specific pictures just let me know.



oh and i think this meets the requirements of a NGD but sorry if it doesnt
happy NGD! The pic of both of them looks badass!
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