could anyone help identify this Kramer guitar?

Arch body top
24 fret maple neck
no model name on headstock
Floyd rose system
no serial unfortunately :|

i think it might be a kramer 100(620) series, but that one i see only 22 frets


might of solved it, 2006(?) Striker FR422 SM (with missing model name on truss rod cover)
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I would guess it was one of the newer Kramers, nothing vintage - that four-rail bridge pickup was used on almost all the new Kramers and you almost never see it anywhere else.
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i wasn't expecting anything special, just thought it might be nice for a first floyd guitar (always had intent on buying something cheap then upgrade to floyd rose special if needed)

it definately is a newer model(24 fret design) and the quad rail pickups and a double lock floyd i think rather then a floyd rose II

so it has modern features at least
Yeah, that sure looks like a late 90's or early 00's Gibson era Kramer to me.

Have fun with it!
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