next sunday I plan on trading my mim 70's reissue strat for a jackson dkm2. I love my strat but I just need something more versatile and that can handle modern music better. I love maple necks and have always loved the feel of jacksons.

Do you people think this is a good trade? I have no way to try it out before I meet the guy and we are meeting each other half way from where each other lives and essentially trading in a parking lot.

From what I am told the guitar is very nice and quite versatile.

Fender 70's reissue strat
Laney 120 mxd
Morley bad horsie 2
ask the guy if u can get a quick jam on it when u meet... that way in that magical first few minutes with a guitar, youl know how u feel with it
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yup. just play with it, some guys on the net can never truly say whether or not a guitar is fit for your ears and hands
wouldn't say that the Jackson was more versitile (nice guitar though). have you considered puting new pickups in your strat?