Alright, Im really ****ing aggrivated. i write a lot of music and have been interested in recording. I do not have any PA equipment, so im planning on using my pc, probably USB. I recently bought the MLR 990/991 mics, and im waiting for them to come in the mail, I bought the package that also came with the audio buddy. I asked the seller some questions, and he answered them, but now i know he clearly diddnt have an idea what he was talking about. After posting in these forums I realized the audio buddy isnt an interface, its a preamp, with only line outputs and not usb. i just spend extra money on it thinking it was something else. NOW, i have to also purchase an interface or something along those lines..to connect to my pc. I spent all my freaking money, so now i have to borrow this money, so Im looking for the SIMPLEST/CHEAPIEST device to that would help me out, WITHOUT sacraficing quality. Im really aggrivated..please help..
Honestly dude, a connector from 1/4 inch to 1/8th inch might work, and just plug it into your audio input jack on your PC. Might take the quality away, but it should work
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Your saying I should just grab an adapted so i could plug my mic cables into my sound card?
if the audio buddy doesn't have phantom power, you need to get a power supply or a mixer with phantom power. otherwise, the mics make good paperweights. they need the power. other than that, an interface is the best way to go. probably better and easier than anything else. check out m audio's stuff.
I just looked it up, and it does not. "both mics need a 48v phantom power supply, unless i have a mixer with one".. I see a lot of people complained about how the package doesnt clearly say that, im glad you told me before i got dissapointed. Are there any good cheap interfaces youd reccomend?