Hey guys, I'm looking for a guitar that I can set up for dropped tunings while my Schecter c-1+ will be used for standard/drop d.

I've currently been interested in:

preferably under $500. I'll be using it to play downtuned metal (think metacore) Drop c and Drop B. No tremolos. I'd also prefer and EMG 81/85 set in it, but I'm willing to buy something without.

It'll be tough to find a guitar with active EMG's in it for under $500, but I know of a couple good pieces that would fit your needs.

Schecter Damien Elite

ibanez RG3EXFM1 (no emg's)

Jackson JS32T Roads (no emg's)

Like I said, if you want stock EMG's you're going to need a bigger budget. But remember, you can always buy EMG's later and put them I'm the guitar.

Hope this helped. ;p
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Thanks guys. I'm digging the ESP LTD H-351NT. I'll be going to guitar center soon. I'll be sure and try this model. I've never owned anything with EMGs, but I do like the way they sound, and I'm in need of something with a lot of output. This guitar will be set up for Drop B probably.
Definitely go with the schecter Damien elite. I have a regular schecter damien and it's a great guitar, but the active pickups in the elite make it a great guitar.