In a previous post I consulted with some fellas and basically narrowed down my choice for a new head to a Splawn Nitro or a Mesa Boogie Mark IV or V (not sure what the availability will be on the IV used, so I'm prepared to splurge and buy a new V). Again, I'll rehash what I need in the amp:

-Good (Not great) cleans

-Good tone at high volume (mostly be using it in a thrash/ melodic death metal band setting and for some light gigging)

-Very versatile heavy distortion that will produce great rhythm and lead sounds that can easily be switched between, as I find myself constantly switching between the two roles in the band setting

-Works alright with a Marshall MC412 cab (I know, kind of shitty but a new cab is probably a few years down the road at least for me)

-Can sound good mic'ed up in a recording setting being processed through a computer, both for recording metal and more contemporary eclectic type sounds for a electronic music/guitar side project I'm doing.

-Decent effects loop (I use barely any right now but likely will start investing in more pedals in the future)

That's about it I'd say. One issue I'm faced with is the fact that I'm in canada so I can easily go try a boogie at my local store but the splawn amps I'm kind of in the dark on, so any description of the variation in sound (not so much the quality) of the two amps would be greatly appreciated from someone who's played both.
I would say the Mark IV. I haven't had much experience with the Nitro, only played it a few times, but the Mark IV, I can say, is the most versatile amp that I've ever played.
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What i mean by that is if the GEQ is engaged. It can be lifesaver or a crutch
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What i mean by that is if the GEQ is engaged. It can be lifesaver or a crutch

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