It has been 62 years since he left us but in wake of the death of another reknowned criminal, Fadllalalallah.

Albert Bates was a career thief and manipulator who died in Alcatraz. Unlike Fadlalalallah he didn't incite mass murder, terrorism or genocide so maybe unfair to compare them, but I feel we shouldn't forget about this master of the heist, a talented safecracker and general degenerate who lived life like Robin Hood might have if he was real and not overtly exaggerated.

RIP my good man. Hope they serve beer in hell.
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You'll probably get some praise from people in as sad of a situation as you or maybe some laughs from people who enjoy your lame sense of humor.


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I just thank god he didn't have to live to see this thread.
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T-shirts are a sign of degeneration and decline.