I've been working on improvising over Footprints by Wayne Shorter. It's essentially a simple blues, but the second chord in the turnaround leaves a few options open. I'm not exactly sure how the functions affect what scale to use. Anyway, enough rambling. Here's the turnaround (there are a bunch of different harmonizations, this is the one I'm choosing to use):

 |   F7b9   |   E7#9   |   D7b9   |   G7#5   |    C-    |     %    |     %    |      %    |

What I'm using now is F phrygian dominant, E altered, D phrygian dominant, and G altered, resolving to Cm. What's the best scale to use over the E7; Half-whole diminished, blues, altered, or something else? I can't seem to figure out the best function of the E7. It looks like either a tritone sub for the bVII, or maybe a sub for a D#º7, which would make it the same as the D7b9... I would just like some clarification on this haha.


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The E7#9 could actually be a Bb13(#4) making it a IV-VI-II-V-i in C minor.

Where did you get the leadsheet? Because unless it was from Wayne Shorters/the reharmonisers own scrawl, getting a definate answer won't be easy
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Well I just went to get my real book and I've got slightly different changes to you.

F#m7b5 - F7#11 - E7b5(#9) - A7b5 (#9) - C-7 - C-7 - C-7 - C-7

You have an interesting set of alternate changes up there, comparing yours to mine,

F7b9 - E7#9 - D7b9 - G7#5 - C-
F#m7b5 - F7#11 - E7b5(#9) - A7b5 (#9) - C-7

F#m7b5 essentially functions the same as a dominant chord a half-step below the root
Your F7b9 to E7#9 is a V/V tonicizing A than V/V resolving to a Cminor (i)

Mine is V/III - V/VI - resolving to i

Over mine i'd use:

A B C D E F# G# A - F#m7b5
C D Eb F G A B - F7#11

Melodic Minor Licks up a minor 3rd

Either F Melodic Minor or E Half-Whole
Either Bb Melodic Minor or Eb Half-Whole

Over yours I'd use

F7b9 E7#9 D7b9 G7#5 C-

Bb Harmonic Minor (or Bb Half-Whole)
F Melodic Minor or F Half-Whole
G Harmonic Minor (or G Half-Whole)
G Whole-Tone
resolving to Cmin

Same sort of thing happens in stella

G7#5 Cmin7 (piviot of the Eb)
Wow. I haven't been on here in almost a year, I don't even remember posting about this. Now I'm working on Footprints again, and now I have a better understanding of it...but I googled it for a little further advice, and ended up finding this again. Small world. So thanks for the help!

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