I'll be re-finishing a guitar that I had stripped down and painted previously. I'll be going down to the wood. What's your favorite wood filler for dings and deep scratches?
Ace hardware has there own generic stuff, i'm really fond of that.
Don't use any elmer wood fillers, specially the ones with wood fibers in them. There complete shit.
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Which as Ippon pointed out, is an Epoxy filler.

If you can't get that one where you are, any two part car body filler that doesn't have fibre glass in it, will do fine. Something by Rage or similar.

Anything that isn't two part (with a hardener) can shrink and fall out, or if under paint, shrink and crack your paint...then fall out.

If you are going down to the wood and having a natural finish, then you may have some problems because you will struggle to get a good match and the filler may take stains and finishes differently to the surrounding wood.
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