Poll: Which version of Unholy Confessions sounds more accurate?
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View poll results: Which version of Unholy Confessions sounds more accurate?
Version #1
2 13%
Version #2
13 87%
Voters: 15.
Which do you think sounds more accurate?
d: i cant figure it out, hahaha.

Version #1

Version #2
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Version 2, but the last palm mute on the 7th fret shouldn't be there.
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I think version 2 sounds better and is even more fun to play, but if you listen very closely to the recording, when it's just the lead guitar, it almost sounds more like the first one. Either way, I always play it the version 2 way. Maybe my ears deceive me.
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Version two is more correct. I remember seeing Zacky from A7X explaining the different ways to pick in between the two strings
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Version two, palm mute the open notes on the Low E.
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