Poll: POD X3 is worth the upgrade from V-Amp2/Pocket Pod/Boss GT-6
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View poll results: POD X3 is worth the upgrade from V-Amp2/Pocket Pod/Boss GT-6
11 92%
1 8%
Voters: 12.
Hello all! This is my first post, and many to follow.

Ok, so I have a v-amp2, Pocket Pod and a GT-6 which I'm willing to let go for a POD X3. So basically I'll be spending somewhere around AUD $200 for this upgrade.

I'd be using this for recording & live.

Is it worth it?
The pod X3 is INCREDIBLE.
I Use it for all my playing/recording.
Well worth the money.
Guitar - Washburn X-50PROQ
Amp- Ibanez TBX15r (using to run my POD through)
Pedals - Line6 POD X3, Dunlop Crybaby Gcb-95
definately. i may be a little biased as i own and use oen myself. but for the money they are awesome. getting good live tones does take time tweaking EQ's, but there is great tones to be had. For recording with a computer it is really good. It's easy to get good sounds and the fact the you get a free download of pod farm 2 just makes it better. Considering you'd pay around $350aud for a UX2, $700aud for an X3 is well worth it, in my opinion.
i heard they're not very reliable?? break easily?
Anyone had any bad run with them? they sound very nice thought from samples i've heard around the net. get some really killer tones out of'em.

just worried about breaking too soon.