Im trying to find the name to a horror movie:

It begins with two maids cleaning this mansion for some new buyers. Everything they clean seems to go back to how it was. One of them is in this room when all of these rats/spiders cover her and she screams. The other maid runs in and cant see anything. The maid (still screaming) runs out to the car which then blows up. The film then skips to when the new residents move in.

Anyone know it?

Thanks in advance!
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm 95% sure you want The Prestige.


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I wish it was Poltergeist...

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what the hell? the post seems to be one of Shyamalan

"okay this movie has a 500 million budget. This is the plot after two years of writing:

Its a mansion, there are two maids cleaning then one walks into a room filled with stuff and starts to scream...Thats it so far, anyone have any ideas?

Intern 1: how about she's killed by an unknown entity. which then creates a sub plot cause its not really the killer, then kills the killer half way through the movie causing a plot twist.
shyamalan: no that's boring and stupid.
Intern 2: she run out to a car which then explodes for no apparent reason!
shyamalan: my god you're a genius that's the most amazing idea for this movie I've ever though of!!
intern 2: but I thought of it...-
shyamalan: shut up bill you're fired."

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Dead Alive.

edit: I didn't even read the OP, and nobody else did, but you should still watch Dead Alive.
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it sounds like an amityville movie
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Dead snow. Funniest horror ever.
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