I've been playing blues for about a year now and I'm asking myself if I should switch to acoustic than electric. Here's why : I don't care about playing fast or shred and stuff like that, I just like to play guitar and enjoy the melodies and licks.
I most of the time play unplugged because I like the feeling better and right now I'm getting bored with technical stuff.

Does it sounds like someone who should be playing with an acoustic guitar ? I feel like it...
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I wouldn't say drop electric.
I think your question should be "should I purchase an acoustic?"
Perhaps you would like it, go for it.
It's like Superman reading the teachings of Jesus. The two greatest musicians on Earth hath combined forces. I officially quit music, as it has reached it's zenith with that cover.
You might find that you go through phases - at least I do. There are months where I love electric, and others where I am in an acoustic mood.

If anything don't "switch" outright. Guitar is guitar, whether its acoustic or electric.
I would just buy an acoustic guitar and have both.

Acoustics from Yamaha are nice for the price, imo.
Furthermore, they get better /sound better with age. I am sure on Craigstlist you could find a steal of a deal in your local area.