I've had my set of lace sensor golds in my strat for a while, hotter bridge. They sound great, but I've always thought the neck and mid pickup sounded..well off. The bridge sounds ****ing amazing. Anyways, I'm wondering if its a solder problem, the pots, or something else.

I'm also looking to get a humbucker, p90 hopefully for my bridge, sadly going to replace my favorite pickup out of the laces for something a bit beefier. Any suggestions. Its a MiM strat, already routed.
it might just be the pickup, although i thought laces were supposed to be very clear sounding? maybe pop the bridge on in the neck when you put in the humbucker/P90 to see if you like it better that way. It'll probably balance out nicely with the hotter bridge pickup of a P90 or humbucker.