I've always been good at writing lyrics, but never at putting music and chords to them. When I'm at band practice, I can always figure out something cool to play and I'm able to put lyrics to the music, but I can't do it the other way around. What are some techniques you guys have to put music to lyrics?

Just for some reason I always revert to going from Am to Em. Or going from major chords to their relative minor chords (ex. EM-C#m, G-Em. Stuff like that.)

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some theory would help... at least read some in internet and you might aswell get new inspiration..

usually, i hear lots of music from different genres, from jazz to black metal, and try to recognize certain structures or patterns which i find attractive...

in order to write music to like, you must know what happens in the music you like IMO...

hope it was useful!

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Ummm, the problem you are experiencing is due to the fact that most songs are written the other way around. The music is written first and then the lyrics are added at the end. It is much harder to go the other way around.

But as a suggestion, I think you should contact a professional musician and work with this person. You handle the lyrics, the other person handles the music.

Usually, in my opinion, it's best to write the instruments, and THEN the lyrics. I mean, you can go back and change the instruments to better suit the lyrics, but I think this is the best way to start. Otherwise, if I do have lyrics I need music for, it can work to just sing the lyrics while messing around with an acoustic, just to get a rough idea of what you want, and then just working from there.