Quite possibly the two best and most influential musicians and songwriters in punk music. Billie Joe has made masterpiece albums with Green Day, such as "American Idiot" and "21st Century Breakdown" while Sid's raw bass guitar sound pretty much laid the foundation for the "textbook" punk sound. Pretty much every punk band today is influenced by the Sex Pistols in one way or another.

It's so hard to choose for me personally, but i'll give this one to Sid, since I'm just so punk rock. Green Day has kind of become more rock instead of punk these days, so since this is the PUNK forum and not modern rock, i'll say Sid.

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this is just such a close decision regardless though, kind of like the Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier fight, or Bush and Gore. they're just both so talented.
ehhh...troll or not I can't stand by and have someone call sid vicious influential as a musician and songwriter.
Syd Barret.
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