Hey, I've been using a Bad Monkey overdrive with my Bugera 6262, but I've been looking into upgrading to an overdrive that is less noisy. I'm using an ISP Decimator G string both in front of the amp and in the effects loop, but I have to set my threshold high enough that I'm losing some sustain. I've been reading reviews about the Digitech CM-2, and I like what has been said about it, but does anyone here know from personal experience how much feedback/hum it will have compared to the Bad Monkey? I play modern high gain metal mostly, so this overdrive will mostly be used as a gain booster for the preamp.

Anyone know if this pedal is less noisy than a Bad Monkey, or any other quiet overdrives?
i don't know what to compare it to. But if you crank the gain all the way up it WILL have white noise. It doesn't hum and it doesn't feedback much. I kinda use it as a fat boost on an already high-gain tone to just fatten up the leads. It should work great for what you're looking for. I don't think you'll have much noise with it unless you just have to crank the gain all the way up.
I usually set my level at MAX or close to it, i get all my distortion from the amp itself.
I just got this pedal. It's one of the quietest I've used, even with the level all the way up or the gain all the way up.
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Wait, do you mean the Bad Monkey is adding fizz or hum into the signal? Or do you mean that it makes your amp feedback alot more?

With the fizz/hum, well I guess the Hardwire could be better seeing as it's a more expensive pedal.. I've never heard of people having noise problems with the Bad Monkey though.

If it's feedback issues then the Hardwire will probably just make it worse because IIRC there's more volume on tap than on the Bad Monkey.

If you ARE indeed talking about feedback, then try turning down the gain on your Bugera. Honestly you could probably turn the gain on the Bugera almost all the way down and the Bad Monkey would still be able to drive enough distortion from your amp to suffice. Turn the Bugera's gain to 3-4 with the Bad Monkey level on full and the gain to taste and see if that helps.
You don't need so much distortion!
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i know this is a different amp, but from what i do on my valveking (boosting it with an 808 or bad monkey) is leave the gain at 9 o'clock and put the volume at 3 o'clock, and have the gain on the amp set up low at 10:30 (about a third of maximimum).

most people tend to really overuse gain on amps like the 6505's 6262's and even people with valvekings. all three of these amps have so much gain on tap it is unnecessary to use half of it.

my bet would be that you are trying to use too much gain, and its why you are getting the fuzz.
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I use my gain on like 3.9, so its not like I'm using absurd amounts of gain. When I turn on the Bad Monkey, the hum/feedback kicks in. When I use the noise gate without the Bad Monkey on it works fine, so the feedback gets MUCH worse when using the overdrive.but the double edged sword is that... the tone gets so much better! Could it be crappy patch cables that cause feedback as well?