I've been working on this song for a while, but kinda forgot about it for a few weeks until today. I began writing the song trying to make it vocals-friendly, but it ended up very guitar oriented.

Not sure what genre I would put this in, so I just labelled it "melodic rock". I guess I was trying to do a simple old school Buckethead style rock sort of thing at first, and kind of added in a few elements of post-hardcore and post-rock later.

Anyways, take a listen if you have time, and I hope you like it! Will try to get on C4C requests asap
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Bars 1-20: Good clean riff. You did a nice job of establishing the difference between the bass and the guitar, giving the bass a sort of lead thing, but making sure it's still low down to keep it sounding like a bass.

Bars 21-36: Didn't like the tone on the guitar you chose, way to fuzzy and bassy. I switched it over though and the guitar's well-written, sounds like a chorus-y thing that could perhaps be the theme of the song (come in after every riff to keep a common and memorable part or something like that). The 7s the bass play at 21/22 (as well as wherever it repeats) sound bad with the guitar staying at the 5th fret.

Bars 37-44: I like the guitar here, it sounds pretty experimental, but still good. I don't like the drums the second time around, though. They sounded too hectic.

Bars 45-50: This part sounded really slow the first time I heard it so I went back and started listening again from 21 and realized everything after the intro sounds slow. I'd recommend putting the bpm up to ~145-170 cuz the heaviness of the riffs just doesn't mix with how slow it's going.

Bars 51-58: Cool sounding chords. I like the parts where the guitar drops off and the bass does a thing of its own. That was a smart addition.

Bars 59-62: Pretty cool riff. It goes by a really quickly, though, so there's not much more to say.

Bars 63-78: Good job taking my advice. Same as before, not much has changed, so there's not much to say.

Bars 79-84: Nice idea for a clean break, but the first part sounds like it's in a major scale where the rest of this whole song sounds like it's in a minor. Then it switches to sounding minor again. Also, it goes by way too fast.

Bars 85-92: Same as before, REALLY sudden ending if that's how you're planning to actually end it.

Overall, some good ideas, pretty neat song. Some sections go by way too fast, and I liked the distorted part of the song better at a higher bpm (I listened at 162) 8/10, C4C in my sig.
Gay. Needs more chugging and gutturals.

I dig it man, sweet stuff.
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I first noticed how slow it sounded when I tabbed out the tapping part (49-50), but I eventually just got used to it and didn`t notice it

Anyways, having the distorted sections 30 bpm faster does sound tighter and a bit more intense- i like it

thanks for the crit, and romencer, if I could incorporate gutturals into guitar pro, I would be all over that shit
hey i really like this.

the clean intro was kept simple but the melody was really strong. My fave part is @ 21 when the distortion comes in, that is really catchy. I also changed that to 162 like written above and can't decide which I prefer, so I'd prob say stick to the 130.

On first listen I never really liked how the riff @ 51, on every second variation had just bass and no chord, but listening over again it works yeah.

The idea at 79, for a clean break, is good however it didn't last too long and it would have been a really good place for some sort of solo.
And the song ends rather suddenly however if it isn't finished then that's all right.

Good job, i liked the guitar a lot and thought the riffs were really tight, 8/10

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Very good, but it's a WIP right? I don't feel that the "end" feels like the end, for some reason I also don't feel like the song goes anywhere
It was really good, but I feel like it could use some work I suppose. The intro (1-20) was nice, some interesting riffs in there. I did feel like the drums could use some work, especially bars 5-6 on the percussion didn't really work in my opinion.

20-36, I really liked. The distortion chords were really catchy, and the rhythm was nice. But once again, the percussion didn't feel right.

37-44, very interesting build up. Fine how it is.

45-58, great too, the bass track was great, chords were interesting. Percussion was good. Overall I really enjoyed that part.

59-62, it was alright. Bar 62 didn't work in my opinion, especially the last quarter of the bar.

63-78, as I said before, really great sounding. The percussion was interesting, I loved how you stopped it at the beginning.

79-84, interesting tone, some notes felt off though.

85-90, really cool outro riff, I loved the percussion on it, nothing wrong there.

91, the last chord didn't sound right. Maybe try a low D, sounds a bit better.

Sorry there wasn't much to say, overall it was a solid tab. Percussion could use work and some notes sounded off. Great work.

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