I'm completely self taught, and I make power chords with my pointer finger pressing one string and pinky pressing down the next one or two. I'm not sure this is "proper" form but I can do it fast and accurately. Should I work to change this if it isn't proper? What is "proper"?
i do the same thing, but with index on first string, and ring finger barring the next 2 (or 1)
would also like to know if this will hinder anything.
it works do it
i do many different ways index and ring
middle pinky
index middle this one kinda threw me off i was like wtf i didnt know this was possible
It's not super important, but it is good to be able to fret power chords with your index and ring so you can add notes with your pinky for certain sections.
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When i went to a teacher i was taught index with pinky, but i have rather large hands and felt that i had to squash my fingers together too much to make it work, so i use index and ring finger as well, just more comfortable and it seems to work.
youll notice that it gets easier if you play the bass of the chord with your pointer, the 5th with your ring and the octave with your pinky. this also allows you to mute the lower strings with your middle finger if needed.
all of my friend use your power chod style...
i prefer to just use my ring and pinky....
i generally do it the same way you do, but there are certain passages in which it is more efficient to use your ring finger, so that, as mudhippy mentioned, the pinky can be used elsewhere.

it's good to be able to do both effortlessly. knowing both well can only help you.
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IMO, it makes the most sense to use your index, ring, and pinky because you can easily derive the Em, Am, E, and A(minus high e) barre shapes from it.

I agree - I always fret power chords with pointer, ring and pinky. I just feel like I can do more If I do that without the need to shift finger positions as much. In addition to that when I bar 2 strings, often times I will mute the one below it too.. Dont do that with a 3 finger method - not saying that fourth string is part of the power chord.. Just as an example..


Let everything chord ring out as much as possible with a clean tone.. Just made that riff up a second ago.. sounds interesting..