I was wondering if there is anything I can do to my neck to make this better. I have an ibanez rg1570 and a martin dm-15. I am not sure what they put on their necks. I noticed that on the acoustic the neck is much shinier than the back of the headstock. I am able to slide my thumb on the back of the headstock very easily. Any suggestion would be helpful. Thanks!
get some fine steel wool (#0000), and take some of the gloss off the neck

after a lot of sliding around with your thumb, it'll probably get pretty shiny again. but just repeat the process and you'll be good
Cut off your thumb. You've got another one. You don't fret with your thumb right? Have you tried cleaning the back of the neck? Mines always smooth after a good rubbing.
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Try looking into using tung oil to keep your neck in good shape. It's got very little resistance, the only way to play a maple neck really.
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