I just uploaded a new song. This is gonna be the intro to the album I'm writing. I'd like your thoughts on this and how it flows with Death March, since this will precede it in the album. It's on my profile and C4C of course. I'll be uploading a YouTube video of this shortly, if you prefer to watch it on there. Strings courtesy of SupraLightning! He's awesome.

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I liked it actually, especially the snare drum and the strings gave it a kind of epic feel.

As for flowing into the other song, I thought they might've sounded a little too similar. If that's how you intended it that's fine, I just thought it sounded like a part of the song rather than an intro. (But that's just me, I probably don't know what I'm talking about lol)

Could you crit mine if you get a chance?

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That's a really haunting theme that you caught there. I like the melodies that are going on, the picture is epic, and it's a perfect intro to something. Great work dude, glad to hear that the strings worked out, and I hope your album production goes well!