I've got one Inc, curious how it would fare with my current gear. I've got a mason od808, mason 10 band, spawn cab with sb's. I know the cab is traditional, etc.
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I'm not really experienced with a lot of different gear, but splawn cabs are pretty sick, what are sb's?

I've heard good things about the mason od808, so it should offer a good boost for solos or whatever.

Honestly, what I would suggest is playing around with it WITHOUT any of your pedals, then if you feel a need to use the mason eq, hook it up. You may find out you don't need the boost or the 10 band eq.
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a mesa rectifier cab goes good with it,

i know that maxon goes good with a dual rectifier so i would think i would go good with the 6505
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All those things would work fine. I do agree that you should spend a lot of time with just the guitar and amp.
When you're satisfied that you've wrung every possible sound out of it on it's own, then start adding pedals. It'll help your skill with the amp itself tremendously.

You'll probably need a noise gate (Decimators are good) to run in the loop to tame the dreaded Peavey hiss more than anything else.
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If you use an overdrive with the 5150/6505 whatever its really only important for use as a mids boost (mids distort best so you push mids into the amp, it distorts them then eq's them (the 6505 has the EQ stage after the preamp gain stages) back to whatever you want, the result is generally awesome...
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whatadrag is right the only thing you really need with a 5150/6505 is a noise gate and an EQ, and you can get away without an EQ but one in the loop really brings the amp to life